Przyczynki do teorii definicji

  • Anna Brożek Instytut Filozofii, Uniwersytet Warszawski
Słowa kluczowe: definitions, semiotics, methodology, metaphilosophy


Being the results of conceptual analysis, definitions play a crucial role in philosophy. On the one hand, providing a good definition is often counted as a significant philosophical result. On the other, the lack of a correct definition is sometimes the main reason for futile philosophical controversies. That is why the theory of definitions is among the central aims of the methodology of philosophy. The paper proposes some improvements of the traditional semiotic conception of definitions, especially as it is applied in philosophy. Classifications of definitions are analyzed and new kinds of definitions are distinguished (with respect to structure, genesis, type of sense indicated, etc.). The paper also describes various ways of establishing definitions and reconstructs the criteria of correctness that apply to definitions.

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Brożek, A. (2018). Przyczynki do teorii definicji. Filozofia Nauki, 26(2), 119-150.