Renesans mechaniki klasycznej

  • Michał Tempczyk Instytut Filozofii i Socjologii , Polska Akademia Nauk


After the rise of the theory of relativity and the quantum theory, the classical mechanics has been recognized as an approximate version of both theories - applicable only within the bounds of macro-phenomena and by relatively low velocities. The theory of chaos - unfolding nowadays, and being amplification of the classical mechanics - reverses this relation: quantum processes are treated as a certain rather simple class of non-linear and non-stable mechanics phenomena. The unexpected revival of the classical mechanics forces the considerable weakening of the thesis about incommensurability of the theories separated by a scientific „revolution”.

Jak cytować
Tempczyk, M. (1993). Renesans mechaniki klasycznej. Filozofia Nauki, 1(1), 113-124.