List Janiny Hosiasson-Lindenbaum do George’a Edwarda Moore’a

  • Tadeusz Szubka Wydział Humanistyczny, Uniwersytet Szczeciński
Słowa kluczowe: Janina Hosiasson-Lindenbaum, George Edward Moore, Lvov-Warsaw School, World War II


At the beginning of 1940, Janina Hosiasson-Lindenbaum wrote a letter to G. E. Moore, whom she came to know quite well during her research visit to Cambridge in the 1929-1930 academic year. In this paper, I offer a Polish translation of the document (the original version can be found in the Appendix). The translation is followed by a biographical commentary. Hosiasson describes her dramatic escape from Warsaw to Vilnius and claims that after saving her life “with so many troubles”her “desire of scientific work is more passionate than ever”. At the time of writing her letter Hosiasson was applying for support from the Council for Assisting Refugee Philosophers set up in 1939 in Great Britain, and was asking Moore for a reference. Unfortunately, Hosiasson did not receive effective support that would enable her to find refuge abroad. She was arrested in September 1941 and killed by Germans, or Lithuanians collaborating with them, presumably in April 1942.

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Szubka, T. (2018). List Janiny Hosiasson-Lindenbaum do George’a Edwarda Moore’a. Filozofia Nauki, 26(1), 129-141.