Kwantowa teoria miary a ontologia

  • Marek Woszczek Instytut Filozofii, Uniwersytet im. Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu
Słowa kluczowe: quantum measure, noncommutative probability space, interpretation of probability, ontology of events, realism


Since noncommutative measure theory plays a central role in the quantum theory, one might say that quantum mechanics is a new generalized theory of probability. That assertion, however, raises many problems with interpreting quantum probabilities and quantum events. Although one can take a radically instrumentalist or pragmatist approach toward this question, it is much more interesting, both theoretically and heuristically, to adopt a realistic or ontological strategy that treats the quantum measure as an effective parameter of an underlying time-symmetric regime of physical dynamics, which only generates the classical events and probabilities at its limit. It is argued that time-symmetric relativistic reformulations of the quantum theory with time-like nonseparability have important advantages over space-like nonlocal hidden-variable Bohmian-type models, which have Aristotelian spacetime as their natural environment.

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Woszczek, M. (2017). Kwantowa teoria miary a ontologia. Filozofia Nauki, 25(2), 29-55.