Autorytet epistemiczny w sytuacji epistemicznej

  • Filip Kobiela
Słowa kluczowe: Bocheński, authority, epistemic, deontic, false, epistemic situation, argument from authority


The first part of the article presents Józef M. Bocheński's analysis of authority. Emphasis is placed on the formal definition of authority and the distinction between two kinds of authority - epistemic and deontic. The second part of the article presents the results of further analysis conducted in Bocheński's style. It revolves around the function of epistemic authority in an "epistemic situation", i.e. within the structure of human beliefs regarded in the context of their origin and their truth values. This makes it possible to highlight the importance of epistemic authority in modern society and the need to analyse false authority and other related notions. Suggested definitions of these notions are presented together with a brief analysis of particular cases.
Jak cytować
Kobiela, F. (2016). Autorytet epistemiczny w sytuacji epistemicznej. Filozofia Nauki, 24(1), 123-139.