Pojęcie modelu i jego rola w naukach

  • Izydora Dąmbska, (1904-1983)
Słowa kluczowe: semiotics, model, representation


The paper titled Le concept de modèle et son rôle dans les sciences was delivered by Izydora Dšmbska at a conference organized at Centre International de Synthčse in Paris in 1959 and published in French in the same year ("Revue de Synthčse", 13-14, LXXX, 1959). In 1960 the paper was presented once more - this time in Polish - at a session of the Department of Logic in Warsaw. In 1961 a Polish summary of Dšmbska's text was published, but complete Polish version has never appeared in print, therefore is almost unknown in Poland. Nevertheless, Dšmbska's paper is of great significance. Firstly, she sets out two types of models - model-pattern and model-representation. Secondly, she considers various examples of models: models in ethics and morality (ethical ideals), in aesthetics and art (aesthetic canon), in sociology (models of states), in logic (formal structures such as theories or sets of equations, Euler diagrams), in physics (models of classical mechanics, Bohr model of the atom, physical theories). Thirdly, Dšmbska puts forward two types of models in physics: (1) geometrical models which represent (schematically or by description) the structure of objects and (2) models in contemporary physics in the form of theories. Finally, Dšmbska provides a list of functions of various models.

Jak cytować
Dąmbska, I. (2015). Pojęcie modelu i jego rola w naukach. Filozofia Nauki, 23(2), 141-152.