O biblijnych sprzecznościach i metaforach

  • Anna Jedynak Instytut Filozofii, Uniwersytet Warszawski
Słowa kluczowe: Bible, ethical contradictions, importance, moral decisions, metaphor


The article refers to Helena Eilstein's views: her analysis of biblical contradic-tions and a limited moral relativism (similar observations made by Leszek Ko3ak-owski are also evoked). It classifies the types of contradictions found in the Bible and suggests how to deal with them. At times the conceptual apparatus created in the philosophy of science is used and a connection to scientific cognition is made, for foundations of philosophy of science can influence the attitude towards biblical contradictions. It emphasizes the role of individual attitudes and the psychological conditionality of taking moral decisions, as well as the importance of shaping moral sensitivity. Metaphors play a double role in the Bible. Firstly, metaphorical interpre-tations eliminate contradictions. Secondly, metaphors are useful for shaping moral sensitivity.
Jak cytować
Jedynak, A. (2010). O biblijnych sprzecznościach i metaforach. Filozofia Nauki, 18(2), 125-137.