Widmo końca fizyki

  • Michał Tempczyk Instytut Filozofii, Uniwersytet Mikołaja Kopernika w Toruniu
Słowa kluczowe: end of physics, superstrings, elementary particles, Lee Smolin


The subject of the paper is the presentation and discussion of Lee Smolin's book The Trouble with Physics. Smolin presents in his book the history and the current state of elementary particle physics. He shows that this field of research is now in a very bad situation because no progress has been achieved for last twenty five years. Since the time of Galileo and Newton, fundamental physics has been in the process of permanent progress and the recent lack of success is considered by Smolin as ex-ceptional and dangerous. Superstring theory is, in his opinion, the main cause of this trouble with physics. The theory dominated elementary particle physics in USA, al-most completely eliminating other more fruitful approaches to elementary particles and their interactions. Smolin analyses the situation from sociological point of view and he proposes some preventive measures. He is completely concentrated on phys-ics in USA and he neglects the rest of the world.

Jak cytować
Tempczyk, M. (2010). Widmo końca fizyki. Filozofia Nauki, 18(2), 113-123.