Ewentyzm a punktyzm

  • Zdzisław Augustynek Instytut Filozofii, Uniwersytet Warszawski


The domain of contemporary physics consists of two different classes of objects: a) of physical objects - events, particles (and their aggregates) and fields; b) spatio-temporal objects - space-time points, moments, space points and their corresponding sets: space-time, time and space. If objects of some kind (physical or spatio-temporal) are treated as individuals (= nonsets), then it is possible to define (equivalently) all remaining kinds of objects belonging to both classes which were mentioned above. This way we can construct two monistic ontologies of physics: eventism founded on events, and the pointism founded on space-time points. It is also possible to construct a dualistic ontology of physics, based on events and space-time points. The paper presents these three ontologies.

Jak cytować
Augustynek, Z. (1993). Ewentyzm a punktyzm. Filozofia Nauki, 1(1), 37-47.