O pojęciu zdarzenia będącego złamaniem prawa przyrody




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compatibilism, law-breaking event, Consequence Argument, Peter van Inwagen, David Lewis


In this paper, I analyze the concept of an event that breaks a law of nature. My investigations are carried out in the context of David Lewis’s critique of Peter van Inwagen’s Consequence Argument for incompatibilism. It is argued that Lewis’s definition of a “law-breaking event” is too narrow. I offer an amended definition and explore its consequences for the prospects of van Inwagen’s argument.


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Kuźniar, A. (2021). O pojęciu zdarzenia będącego złamaniem prawa przyrody. Filozofia Nauki, 29(3), 107–123. https://doi.org/10.14394/filnau.2021.0017