Contemporary Biology as a Challenge to Philosophy

Owing to its rapid growth in the 20th and 21st centuries, biology has attracted the interest of philosophers who now recognize it as an independent object of inquiry that gives rise to distinct methodological, epistemological, and ontological problems. We would like to devote issue 4(2020) of Filozofia Nauki (The Philosophy of Science) to the challenges contemporary biology poses to philosophy. Appropriate topics for submission include:

- models of explanation in biology
- reductionism vs anti-reductionism
- laws in biology
- justification procedures in biology
- functions, teleology, teleonomy, teleosemantics
- models in biology
- definitions of species, populations, biological individuals
- definitions of life
- philosophical problems posed by particular fields of biology (systematic biology, molecular biology, genetics, evolutionary biology, developmental biology, etc.).

We invite original contributions written in English. The manuscripts should be submitted by February 29, 2020. All papers included in the volume will have been peer-reviewed. Manuscripts can be submitted either through our website [submit an article] or emailed to

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